History The village Hovorany has been for time immemorial musically talented municipality. One of the first mention of music comes from 1760 as the musicians from Hovorany travelled „over the fields“ with their violins and bagpipes to play music in the villages in the neighbourhood.

The original musical instruments were substituted by brass instruments at the end of 19th century. After the World War II one of the most famous brass-music bands was the band led by Antonin Maincl.

In the year 1976 the children´s brass-music group was created, whist its members recruited from the pupils of the Elementary School of Arts in Čejč whose teacher was a very good musician Michal Komosný from Dolní Bojanovice. As time went by, the band gave several performances at various casualties. After the Elementary School of Arts had been closed, the young brass-music band started to practice and play in Hovorany. The tenor singer Jan Holešinský became the band leader; and so under its patron of the arts Fr. Cigánek the brass-music band „Hovorané“ has been created.

Also the activities of experienced educationalist Josef Ištvánek helped to overcome the hard rookie-times; this man also led the band for some time. The year 1992 meant an important milestone in the history of the band as Petr Jašek – former member of Guardian Music in Brno – became the new artistic direktor. Jan Cigánek became the band leader, whilst Tomáš Grufík cared for organisational affairs.

Contemporary situation The band „Hovorané“ has come a long way of progress since its establishment. All that time the musicians tried to make their listeners happy with beautiful songs that bring every fan of good music cheer. The repertoire of the band contains bohemian and Moravan brass-music pieces. The band also plays concerto or churých pieces and songs in modern thytms. „Hovorané“ also performs self-pennet songs, the music is usually composed by Staňa Otepka while the lyrics is written by Laďa Ostřížek.

Successes –The brass-music band „Hovorané“ electrifies each fan of brass-music with its artistic qualities. The band made several appearances on TV and radio, it represents the Czech Republic abroad too, mainly in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and in the Netherlands. The band members have made friends with the musicians from Kempner Musikantenband.

The band also competed in the Moravan final of Polka-competition, gained the 3rd place in the famous international competition „Golden flugelhorn“, performed at various parades and brought out 4 cassettes and 3 CDs´.

Where to see us - With pleasure we would perform for you at festivals, balls, concerts, funfairs, Christmas concerts, church holidays, weddings and other social scosualties, also abroad. The brassmusic „Hovorané“ performs dressed in beautiful folk costumes from Podluží. Our target is to bring cheer and good mood to all our listeners.